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Blanc Conception, French for White Design, is an ever expanding holding company that has acquired multiple businesses from industries including: design, education, and music. They are slowly growing one company at a time.

Our family of companies are all greatly respected for their professionalism and quality of work produced. Blanc Conception is proud to hold these influential businesses and have its name associated with their work.

Laceys Design makes what you need. They have worked with many brands and artists in the past. They also have photography and prints.


MSU Hallway Wall Design


Wealth Education

Wealth Education is Blanc Conceptions contribution to the community, teaching the masses about financial literacy, a very important skill many lack. 

Everything to Learn Before Investing in Stocks; Part 0



App Development

Under Construction

Blanc Conception is beginning to
venture into the app development
world with a few projects in the
works. Stay tuned.

Apple App Store Logo



Stock Chart

Stock Portfolio




Blanc Conception has a collection

of stocks in its portfolio, growing

at an average return of

26% per year.

Social Media

Blanc Conception­—Facebook shows the lively culture in the company and any news breaking stories.


@blanconception—Instagram page
shares live updates in the company and any news from Blanc.


Check out Blanc Conception on Tiktok for quick 60 second videos on wealth education and stock learning tips.


Check out Blanc Conception - Wealth on Youtube for wealth education and stock learning tips.

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