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Broke to Wealthy in 8 Steps

*Blanc Conception is not a financial advisor*

1  Credit Cards

*If over the age of 18

The earlier you open a credit card, the higher your credit score will be in the future. First, learn how to properly use a credit card that makes the most sense for you. A rule of thumb is to treat all spending on it like a debit card.

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2  Debt

Pay off all outstanding debt you may have ASAP. Debt can be any money you owe to someone. This will hold you back and drain your money due to high interest rates.

3  Emergency Fund

In case any unforeseen expenses come up it, is smart to have money on the side to pay the bill. A savings of 6-12 months of expenses is common to have set aside for these emergencies.

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4  10% Rule

Before paying anyone else the money from your paycheck, set aside at least 10% of your income into savings to pay yourself first. This is the key to being wealthy in the future.

5  Learn

Research and study the best path for you to grow your wealth. Read books, watch podcasts, and learn from people who have already done it. This will act as a starting foundation to multiply your wealth in the coming years.

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6  Assets

Buy and build assets to multiply your wealth without you doing any physical work. Stocks, bonds, and real estate are common assets anyone can use to make money while they sleep.

7  Repeat 4-6

For your entire life, you need to save, learn, and build assets to grow your wealth. It will not come easy at first but, the earlier you start the more wealth you will gain in life.

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8  Donate and Live Wealthy

Donating to charities, and other forms, is the key to living happy with your new wealth. Give back to the community that helped you grow your money. It feels good and will make you smile.

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