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Everything to Learn Before Investing in Stocks: Part 0: Self Development; An Introduction to FInancial Literacy and Personal Success


Knowledge is the greatest wealth to have on this Earth. Many of us lack the proper spiritual, mental, and financial education to break free from our weak mindset to prosper. I have written this book to provide those skills in hopes of educating the community; with a final goal of financial success for all. The traits reviewed in this book, part 0, are essentials to grasp before studying the world of financial literacy and investments; the path to freedom. This book is a combination of years of work, reading hundreds of books, and watching thousands of hours of videos, that have been compiled together, and organized, for your learning. Topics such as self-discipline, emotional intelligence, the Universe, leadership, and much more will be taught in easy to understand language for your convenience. Master these crucial skills to live a life full of freedom and to pass on wealth for generations to come.

Everything to Learn Before Investing in Stock: Part 0 Self Development Book

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