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Upcoming New Jersey Artist Dc Millionz Releases Track List For First Upcoming EP Dropping August 20

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

With over 18,000 monthly Spotify listeners, his fans anxiously awaited an announced song drop by Dc Millionz on Friday, August 13 but, later surprised the fans with the cancelation of the song release along with a hugely awaited drop date for his very first EP album coming a week later August 20, 2021, on all platforms titled "Dcs World."

DC Millionz Recording at Plug Studio | Photo by @Laceys_design

Artist Dc Millionz recently showed up on everyone's radar with his most recent release "Be Safe" out on all platforms on July 3, 2021. Amassing 40,000+ plays and gaining 18,000 monthly Spotify listeners, his fans anxiously awaited an announced new song drop on Friday, August 13, 2021. Later that afternoon he canceled the drop and announced a 6 song tracklist uploaded on his Instagram account @dcmillionz.

Dcs World Tracklist curtsey of @dcmillionz Instagram

High hopes by the fans are gathered as the final week approaches for Dcs World release. His previous 3 songs have blown the audience out of the water with the unique flow DC brings to the beats he performs on. It is rumored there will be a mix of party songs and love songs scattered throughout the EP. We will be closely watching his TikTok and Thriller accounts for any pre-release sneak-peak videos.

Dc also has a feature on his very first EP by artist M.I.V. who has dropped a couple of his songs on all platforms. M.I.V. has a special style of his own that could compliment Dcs own style. We will have to wait until August 20th to hear the huge potential their song has.

Blanc Page Publishing Writer James Smith

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