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With Multiple Songs Gathering 60,000+ Spotify Streams Artist Dc Millionz Shows no Signs of Stopping

Independent artist DC Millionz is making big headway with his newest EP album Dc's World. Released last Friday morning, in just under six days it has gained over 60,000 streams with the fan-favorite songs XO and Bad Bitch (DC + M.I.V.) performing for over 60% of the 6 tracks on Dc's World total plays.

Dc's World EP Cover curtsey of @dcmillionz Instagram

Big labels and hundreds of playlists have shown interest in his music since the drop of Dc's hit single Be Safe back in July. Now with multiple releases under his belt the market is pushing Dc swiftly up the ladder. His songs have gained prominent attention from well-known brand names and Spotify playlists; songs were found on the World Star Spotify playlist and Spotify’s Artist of the Year 2021. From the fan’s feedback, it is obvious Dc has a calling for music production.

Dc Millionz Video Sneak Peak Cover curtsey of @dcmillionz Instagram

The evening after the release of the Dc's World, Dc had a live stream on his Instagram page @dcmillionz. After performing a live concert of his newest songs, at the very end, he played an unreleased song titled Good Great. Fans who tuned in declared it is one of his best songs, and now we are all eagerly waiting for any news around this extremely anticipated song to be dropped.

Dc's World Video Sneak Peak Cover curtsey of @dcmillionz Instagram

On his social media accounts, Dc posted sneak peeks of music videos, only still shots and one short clip at the moment but they look very artistic. Also, posts by his design company @Laceys_design show the preparation of upcoming music videos. Neither party has announced a release date for any visuals.

Blanc Page Publishing Writer James Smith

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