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The Greatest Meltdown of the Financial System Since the Roaring 20's Has Begun

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

The #economic downturn is coming soon IMO. I don’t know when (there are no set dates) but looking back through history shows during times of expansion, protest, gambling, and people buying million-dollar pictures on the internet (NFTs) there is going to be a very big crash. Too much capital is flowing through the system; people are living their best lives and spending unwisely.

GameStop Corp. Stock Chart screenshot via

The last hundred years saw multiple recessions and depressions; especially the big ones that took place after the roaring 1920s. Anytime there is an excessive celebration, next comes a big crash (the bigger they are, the harder they fall).

Many don’t have money saved so when the inevitable downturn happens they have no money to put food on the table and water in their liver. Play it smart and risk-manage yourself and your portfolio; maybe bury some cash in the backyard. Those who are over-leveraged on their gamble plays will lose the shirt on their back.

Keep cash ready for the meltdown so when every asset is at a low you have enough cash reserves to purchase an investment for more bang for your buck and flourish to become very wealthy as the non-financially educated go homeless. Big businesses, and even the small ones who follow a risk-management plan, will be buying out employees from bankrupt company’s and even buying out the company themself for pennies on the dollar.

Keep this in mind. #GME #AMC

Blanc Page Publishing Writer Jon Lacey @imjonlacey

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